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Angel Aura


Angel Aura is a pure essential oil blend aura and room spray created by Violet. It is very potent yet has a calming effect on people. 

The stimulating citrus, cleansing sage and calming lavender is a powerful combination for purification, protection or rituals. But Angel Aura’s power doesn't generate from essential oils alone!

Violet Kay is a lightworker who practices High Magick. She infused Angel Aura with potent, practical magick that brings the results. Violet had called 10 angelic beings into action and then channelled their powers into the blend. This is a high-level energy in a bottle! 

Spraying Angel Aura in your room, around yourself, your tools or altar will cleanse away any negative influences or heavy vibrations.  

It is a wonderful tool to have if you are a holistic therapist. It’ll instantly lift energies in the room. Spray it before and after each session. 

It will also help you lift energies when seeking guidance from Tarot or oracle cards, your ancestors or Spirit Guides. 

Angel Aura is infused with magick of light. You can do no harm with this magick, to yourself or to others.

Effects of using the Angel Aura blend:

  • fills you with charm and charisma
  • makes you appear likeable
  • protects you from negative energy
  • cuts cords attached to your energetic body
  • protects from supernatural and human evil
  • removes negative spirits from your home, room or from around you
  • protects against misfortune
  • eases symptoms of spiritual awakening
  • helps you discover traitors
  • protects you during travels, especially long distance
  • helps you live in peace
  • stops others from working magick against you
  • prevents traitors from doing harm
  • helps you obtain victory through clear and direct communication
  • protects you from gossips
  • protects you against hidden enemies
  • helps you discover enemy's identity when you feel you are under attack
  • protects you from enemy’s schemes
  • helps those in authority to see the truth about a situation


  • Shipping is currently available only in Ireland.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Don’t spray directly onto candles or too close to flames.
  • Angel Aura is not a substitute for medical, psychological or professional help.
  • Angel Aura is not a substitute for inner work, healing, inner child healing or shadow work.