Fate is fluid. Destiny is in your hands.

Violet is a qualified Reiki & Seichem Master Therapist, and is certified in Counselling & Psychotherapy skills.

As an intuitive empath ever since childhood Violet understood that she can sense and feel more than most people around her. She could sense people's emotions, their energy, and sometimes even pick up their thoughts!

Violet was born to a multinational family and is used to multicultural community as well as speaking at least 3 languages. She is fluent in English, Polish and Russian.

In 1992 she was forced to run away from her war ridden home country Georgia, and seek a refuge in Poland. Traumatic chain of events that changed the course of her life inspired Violet’s passion for healing, self-improvement, loving, and accepting herself. She completed BA in Political Science but decided not to pursue a career in diplomacy.

She moved to Ireland in 2006 and continued the search for her vocation. Her journey with energy work first started in 2009, and continues to develop ever since.

Energy work helped Violet to conquer traumas like abuse, abandonment, fear, rejection, co-dependency, overwhelm and poverty.

Violet is a lightworker who can help you take conscious healing steps to transformation, self-love, empowerment, and a balanced life.


Holistic therapy has the capacity to heal every aspect of your being - on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

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